Matthew Colangelo, Ex-DOJ Official And Former Counsel In Trump Org. Probe Joining Manhattan DA’s Office

Matthew Colangelo

According to a statement from the headquarters, Matthew Colangelo, who would most recently worked as a senior government official in the United States Justice Dept and previously worked as a lawyer with the NY attorney office upon that Trump Foundation inquiry, will now support Manhattan District Judge Alvin Bragg as senior lawyer.

According to the press release, Matthew Colangelo will concentrate upon that “most sensitive and prominent white-collar inquiries” within the office.

It will be the 1st time an executive post in such areas has been created in the Manhattan district attorney office, and he’ll concentrate on the company’s “cases, policies, as well as approaches in residential and tenant security and labor and employee protection.”

Although Bragg has emphasized that the case is still open and that his agency might bring information to a potential grand jury if the inquiry continues in that way, a special special prosecutor appointed to witness ended in April.

Matthew Colangelo Ex-DOJ Official Probe Joining Manhattan Office:

Bragg in the new press release has said Matthew Colangelo will bring a wealth of experience of white-collar investigation and experience in economic justice. Also, he has an amazing sense of judgment and integrity which is important for bringing justice upon powerful people.

He also added that the steal wages, harassing tenants defraud cases and endanger workers should know that the DA office of Manhattan now has a stronger and a team dedicated more than ever to enforce the laws to bring justice to the victims by holding the powerful yet deceiving people accountable for their works.

Matthew Colangelo is now here to give verdict on the Trump cases and victims hoping it to be a good one.

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