Meghan Markle, Prince Harry felt ‘helpless’, wanted to ‘contribute’ amid coronavirus

Project Angel Food
Project Angel Food

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were busy with charity work due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The royal couple lately gave food to different people related to Project Angel Food, the charity that is working on giving food to those affected by the dangerous coronavirus. Markle, 38, and Harry, 35, gave meals on Easter Sunday and more on Wednesday.

A source reported to  People magazine, that Harry and Meghan felt “helpless” finding out about everything going on and needed to get out and contribute.

The couple, Harry and Meghan, have an 11-month-old child Archie: “They only leave their house for charity work.”

Richard Ayoub, Director of ‘Project Food Angel’ also stated about the couple’s visit to their offices.

“They asked a lot of questions about the clients, about how the food is done and how much food is made,” Ayoub stated.

He added: “We talked about how the meals are medically-tailored and geared towards each client, they met with our chefs and then we gave them all our social distancing protocols for the deliveries and they wore gloves and makes and they kept six feet away.”

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