Arizona Vote Audit Suffers Cyber Grift


Arizona Vote Audit has suffered from a cyber security breach. The former attorney general of the Republican party in Arizona has come up with the allegation. He accused a group of cyber security officials of being responsible for the incident. The company was appointed by the State Senate which was run by Republicans. They confirmed the fact that the presidential elections were won fair and square by Joe Biden. 

There were several rounds of recountings before the final results could be declared. However, former President Donald Trump continued to claim foul play in the counting procedure. Grant Woods was shocked to find out the inability of the company. Let us dive into more details from the incident below. 

Arizona Vote Audit: Foul Play Suspected

Grant Woods has made some bold claims. He stated that the company hired for counting the votes implanted a grift. Woods accused the company of being a sell-out. He lashed at the officials and heavily criticized their incompetency. He also stated that the company was bribed and ordered to alter the results. 

He also suspected more foul plays like the one with the Arizona Vote Audit. Woods said that these grifters are greedy people. They are not satisfied and want more and more money. He warned the other states and asked them not to follow in the footsteps of the Arizona Vote Audit. 

Donald Trump has stated that the company has found lots of suspicious acts on the ballot. However, all such claims have been thwarted by state officials and the election commission.  Personalities like Jack Sellers termed the company as highly incompetent. He said that the company simply tweaked the data to make it appear false. All in all, the Arizona Vote Audit has been dumped by Americans as a baseless execution. 

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