Merry-Go-Round Of NFL Head-Coaches Bring Its Share Of Surprises


The changeover of NFL coaches always brings with it its share of surprises. The first two weeks have not been different. But it has been more about what has not happened on the coach transfer front than on what happened.

There has been much speculation that Sean McVay would not be seen on the sidelines of the Rams. He has let on that is back in Los Angeles though earlier his assistants were on a job hunt for their boss.

Also in Los Angeles, Brandon Staley was expected to depart after the meltdown by the Chargers in Jacksonville this Saturday. But things appear to have cooled down with multiple assistants to the coach destined to exit at the expense of Stanley. Another NFL coaching surprise was the announcement by Jim Harbaugh that he would return to Michigan and forego NFL opportunities. This he has done for the 2nd year in a row.

Sean Payton Emerges As The Hottest Candidate In The NFL Transfers

But there are a few mysteries as Sean Payton emerges as the hottest of the unclaimed candidates who are being tracked by just about every team with an opening. But the Giants’ Super Bowl winner will talk with the Cardinals, Broncos, Texans, and Panthers.

Carolina is in talks with candidates for defensive coordinators along with the interview for a head coach. Vic Fangio, formerly of the Broncos, has emerged as a leading candidate for the defense if the Panthers go for an offense-inclined head coach without much experience.

Tennessee Titans are on the lookout for offensive coordinators in place of Todd Downing. A chance remains that the Titans could end up promoting Tim Kelly, a passing-game coordinator, to the job. Tim Kelly and Mike Vrabel were together as a coach for 4 years in Houston before Vrabel moved to Titans as the head coach.