Mike Pence Willing To Testify If Invited By January 6 Committee

Mike Pence
Mike Pence

Mike Pence, the Vice President under Trump, let on that he would consider appearing before the January 6 Committee looking into the riots and the attack on Capitol Hill. But there was an element of deceptiveness in his statement.

The Select Committee has made it amply clear that it would be willing to interact with anyone with information about the attempted coup. On those grounds, Mike Pence would supremely qualify as he was one of the prime targets of the horde that rampaged through the Capitol.

But it is not for Mike Pence to decide if he will consider testifying. It is a decision of the Jan. 6 Committee whether it would be worthwhile to call him. And if they do so, they would promptly call the former VP through a subpoena or an invitation.

The problem with Trump’s cronies is that they have long considered that they have a choice to attend the summons of the Select Committee. They have not realized that it amounts to a legal mandate, and they are not allowed to pick and choose the questions they are willing to answer.

Mike Pence should come forward to share his knowledge of the incidents, and it is apparent that he is holding onto much of what transpired on that fateful day.

As A Presidential Candidate, Mike Pence Should Not Willingly Impede A Criminal Investigation

If lower-level officials like Cassidy Hutchinson or Rusty Bowers, the Republican House Speaker of Arizona, can willingly assist the investigation, the former Vice President should surely be prepared to assist the Committee in every way he can. If he does so, he has already failed the fundamental assessment of his planned presidency. He is putting political and personal concerns ahead of the protection of the American Constitution and the greater public interest.