Minnesota Singer Sings In Style Of Judy Garland: A Heartfelt Tribute

Judy Garland

Just the name of Judy Garland conjures a picture of the innocent pig-tailed child from The Wizard of OZ, Dorothy Gale, whose ‘troubles melt like lemon drops.’ In real life, Judy wasn’t so lucky as trouble-plagued throughout her short life. Right from her childhood, Judy Garland would continue to run into numerous obstacles, even though all she wanted was to go home.

Now singer Jennifer Grimm will bring Judy Garland’s songs to life as she presents the jazzy ‘Jennifer Grimm Sings Judy Garland.’

The versatile singer from Minnesota says that she always admired Garland’s ability to deliver intimate lyrics both quietly and in powerhouse performances.

The Versatile Grimm Is Most Comfortable Singing Judy Garland’s Songs

Grimm sings country, soul, jazz, and musical theatre. But she says that Judy Garland’s singing style is best suited to her voice. She sang her well-known hits including Over the Rainbow, the signature song from the 1939 movie Wizard of Oz.

Garland first sang the song when she was 16. Grimm sang the song when she was only 9. It was part of a stage show enacted by her musical family. Her performance will be for the Judy Garland Museum, marking her official birth centenary celebrations on Friday in Grand Rapids.

The small stage at Zephyr will be packed with musicians when Grimm, the only vocalist, immerses herself in the experience with a rhythm section and seven horns.

Jennifer was born for the stage. Her musical family includes her parents who are both singers. They toured the country and Jennifer was born during a show in Red Wing. Jennifer says that even as her father finished the show, her mother went into labor at the local hospital and she was born at 3 am the day after the show.

Garland’s voice has been an influence on her singing style along with Peggy Lee and Ilene Woods. She says that Judy Garland could do showstoppers, but she could also sing in an emotionally vulnerable intimate voice.

Grimm will be singing at the official program at the museum dedicated to her. The celebration was hosted by the museum and kicked off on June 9th and went on for 3 days. Grimm says she was ecstatic to be given the honor to sing for Judy Garland.