Mitch McConnell Believes The Republican Race For 2024 Will Be Crowded

Mitch McConnell

Last Tuesday saw Mitch McConnell issue a clear signal that he didn’t think that the former President of the United States will be able to clear the Republican presidential field. And this would be the case even if he decided to run for President in 2024. When he was asked how he would be handling a third presidential bid by Trump, McConnell stated that they could potentially see an incredibly crowded field for president.

He further stated that a large part of the drama would unfold later, and people will keep picking their candidates during a crowded primary field. Now, one could find this speech a little egregious- but one also has to take into account that Mitch has been one of the most shrewd politicians in the country. Therefore, if he says something, he must have thought about it before.

Mitch McConnell Doesn’t Want Anyone To Get Spooked

On the other hand, this answer does seem perfectly in place with the stance that Mitch McConnell has taken- making sure that aspiring Republican candidates wouldn’t feel spooked by the presence of Donald Trump in the race. Yet, this also directly counters how Trump has spoken about his candidacy. In a recent interview with the New York magazine, Trump stated that in his mind, he had already decided to run for the candidacy- therefore nothing would ever get factored in anymore.

The other, more damaging impact of Donald Trump would be his dismissal of other candidates. He even seemed to put Ron DeSantis, the current governor of Florida down- stating that it was due to him that DeSantis had been the governor of Flordia. 

The simple point is that Donald Trump has dared anyone to challenge him from the candidacy, and Mitch McConnell has been working round the clock to make sure that the race doesn’t get bow-legged at the end.