Arizona Republican Governor Doug Ducey Slams Trump Endorsed Kari Lake 2020 Election Claim

doug ducey
doug ducey

Arizona’s Governor Doug Ducey has slammed Kari Lake, endorsed by former President Trump, over her allegation about the 2020 Elections. He said that it was an act over her assertions that the presidential elections were stolen by the Democrats.

The two-term governor was speaking during a CNN interview on State of the Union during the interview, Doug Ducey said that Kari Lake was being deceitful with the electorate and dismissed her allegation as an act.

Doug Ducey said that Lake had been misleading voters without any evidence to back out of her claim. He said that she was called ‘Fake Lake’ for her actions and she was giving the opposition a reason to justify the name.

Doug Ducey Collides With Trump In Key Primary

Doug Ducey cannot pursue reelection in this campaign as he is term-limited. He has pulled away from the Trump camp and endorsed Karrin Taylor Robson, Lake’s opponent and one of the Republican primary challengers to Lake. Robson is a former Board of Regents member in Arizona and a lawyer.

Doug Ducey has praised Robson as the true conservative in an all-Republican fight and said that she was truly ‘pro-life’ and ‘pro-gun.’ He said that despite starting from scratch, Robson had managed to turn the primary into a margin-of-error contest.

Ducey said that Robson was the best Republican candidate to represent Arizona while her opponent, Lake, had no resemblance with her acts over the last 30 years. He said that all she has done is put up a show for the voters, and they would not buy that.

During the presidential election in 2020, Doug Ducey outright rejected Trump’s claims of election fraud and rejected the ex-president’s plea to block certifying the results.

An independent audit had reaffirmed that Joe Biden had indeed won from the largest county in the state, Maricopa County.