Moonbin, 25, Found Dead At His Seoul Residence


At 8:10 p.m. on the 19th, Moonbin’s body was discovered at his Gangnam, Seoul, residence. He was 25 at the time. The entertainment business was startled to learn about Moonbin’s untimely death because he was still active up to his passing. People in the same business are upset and agitated as if it were their own, especially Moonbin, who usually exuded positive energy and had a cheerful demeanor. As a result, the entertainment sector is continuing to pay respects in its own unique way after learning of the tragic news. 

K-Pop Industry Pays Tribute To Moonbin

The JTBC entertainment show ‘Knowing Bros’ photocall was canceled by LE SSERAFIM.  

The program will be recorded as planned on this day, however in order to honor the departed, the event on the way to work has been canceled.  In an interview held before the release of the film ‘Dream’ on April 24th, singer and actress IU also sought an embargo (report delay). It’s to offer her sympathy. “We express our deepest sympathy for ASTRO’s sad news,” ‘Dream’ remarked, “and sincerely pray that his deceased soul rests in peace.” 

BTS’s leader, RM, implicitly offered sympathy to his late comrade, Moonbin. RM posted a dark background to his Instagram story on April 20th.

It appears that RM offered Astro his sympathies after he tragically passed away without making any particular remarks. A homage is also being paid by celebrities. Speaking of him, broadcaster Kwon Hyuk Soo said, “I adore you so much. We worked together on XtvN’s ‘Trendy Program’ and Coupang Play’s ‘SNL Korea 2’. Thank you and I apologize. You are missed. While presenting the tragic news of Moonbin during the live broadcast of MBC Radio’s “Good Morning FM,” broadcaster Jang Sung Kyu sobbed. Jang Sung Kyu is heard here stating, “I can’t believe that. Because Moonbin had a positive outlook on life, I find it hard to believe.