Mortal Kombat Was Most Watched 1st Weekend On HBO Max In 2021

Mortal Kombat 
Mortal Kombat 

Warner Bros. had released several highly-anticipated films throughout last year, 2021, along with HBO Max. Some of these included The Matrix Resucrrections, Dune, and Space Jam

According to the latest reports presented by Business Insider where they have ranked the movies based on the opening weekend views, Mortal Kombat is leading the charts. Business Insider has calculated the viewership of the films on their streaming services and Mortal Kombat has left all other huge releases behind in the race during the 1st weekend with a viewership of 3.8 million. 

Leading Viewership Of Mortal Kombat 

The movie was closely followed by Godzilla vs. Kong that managed to achieve a viewership of a massive 3.6 million households on its opening weekend. However, these figures show the launch period from Wednesday till Sunday. 

Mortal Kombat has made a noteworthy journey where the revenue from the box office was much less than the films on the list. For instance, Godzilla vs. Kong earned $467.9 million in the box office, globally. Mortal Kombat earned a mere $83.6 million. 

In a list of adaptions of video games, Mortal Kombat is 6th within 16 films. 

Streaming viewership is not an easy tool to measure a film’s success. But the COVID-19 pandemic has brought significance to home viewership over box office when most theatre-goers preferred online streaming. 

Nonetheless, Warner Bros. seemed content with the performance of Mortal Kombat. An entire universe is being developed for this movie that can lead to a franchise. This next part of the franchise is going to feature Johnny Cage. 

Hollywood has shown interest in adapting video games and this successful adaptation might pave the way. 2022 will also witness a few video game adaptations like Sonic the Hedgehog 2 by Paramount and Super Mario’s animated adaptation.