Kevin Durant’s Disappointment Towards His Own Team

kevin durant
kevin durant

Kevin Durant shows his utter disappointment and frustration with the words after the loss to LA Clippers. Saturday night Brooklyn Nets lost to undermanned La Clippers with a score of 120-116.

According to Durant the laid-back attitude brought them this defeat. Getting up 10, missed layups, straight-line drive, all these shows how they took the match for granted and thought they will win. 

Nets kept a clippers team without Paul George, Nicolas Batum, and other players with injuries to be around but both Nash and Durant understood its the team’s less intensity that made them lose. 

Kevin Durant said the Nets’ attitude was not right from the first and on the contrary, the opposition’s not having enough men made them all out for the game. With each move, they made an impact on him as well. But somewhere Nets increased their issues by 15 times turning the ball over. It clearly a lack of concentration from the defense.

In the second half, Nets gave 71points to the opposition which was unacceptable. The lack of care could be seen clearly because they had chances which they missed. A game that they could easily win becomes a disappointing loss for not just caring much. The Brooklyn team is now on 23-11 and it was unaccepting that they didn’t focus enough.

Kevin Durant Promises To Bounce Back

Kevin Durant was evidently disappointed because he expected the team to learn from the past mistakes which clearly didn’t show in the match. He aggressively said this loss should be kept in mind so that each and everyone can understand their job and get it done with their best possible effort. 

Nash said that they can’t play at this level and accept losses like this and only they can decide what is acceptable for them and what is not. Durant supported Nash and said they will bounce back soon. Definitely, the team lacked focus and cared less about the match, and they lose but maybe the night was just not in favor of them as well. 

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