‘Muppets Now’ Review: Rainbow Internet Connection

Disney Plus has released a new show Muppets Now on its streaming platform. The popular franchise is by far one of the best renditions of the original Muppets.

The show is a parody of the modern times and so these Muppets have modern problems. It includes a hilarious spoof of every zoom meet you’ve ever had with audio and video glitches, screen sharing, and Muppets talking over each other. 

Some of the recurring segments in the show include a cooking segment with The Swedish Chef and “Lifesty(le)” with the passive-aggressive Miss Piggy. There are many celebrity guest appearances like that of Linda Cardellini who appears with Miss Piggy in her segment. 

Not all of the sketches are just made for fun, many are also educational while some are even satirical. The cooking segments have actual chefs. The Swedish chef mocks them in gibberish but ends up being the butt of all jokes. There is also a webisode dedicated to photography with Kermit ultimately photobombing all the photos.

Some webisodes are just naturally weird like “Pepe’s Unbelievable Game Show” or 

So Kermit’s interview segment “Mup Close and Personal.”

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