Donald Trump Pleads With Democrats To Agree To Extend $600-A-Week Unemployment Boost 24 Hours Before It Expires As Republicans Admit They Can’t Come Up With Their Own Deal

Republicans have failed to come up with their own deal outline and President Trump now advocates reaching a deal that simply extends the $600 per week coronavirus relief package to aid those in serious benefit requirement after the first benefit package expires.

Trump pushes for the extension saying that it will be a temporary deal until the negotiations are sorted out and a new deal is in place.

“We want a temporary extension of expanded unemployment benefits,’ Trump told reporters during today’s briefing.

“I want to thank Senate Republicans for fighting to extend unemployment benefits today in the face of very strong Democrats obstruction, which I’m surprised at,” he added.

Trump had also proposed this extension earlier in the face of delayed negotiations and in-party fighting.

Trump stated, “I’m asking Congress to pass additional legislation to support Americans in need.”

Later he also mentioned, “This money will help millions of hardworking families get by.”

In a press conference on Thursday, Trump clarified that he wants the second stimulus package to contain $105 billion for the reopening of schools and stopping eviction of rent or loan defaulters temporarily. However, Congress is yet to come to a decision.