Napoli Wins Seria A Title After 30 Years

Seria A

Napoli’s Seria A title was deserved- one would say. For, the season was all about the highest of peaks, and several moments of plateaus.

Now, for a city that rises between the steaming volcanic plumes of Mount Vesuvius and the Gulf of Naples, one can understand just how special this title would be after three decades. Nevertheless, one can’t deny the supremacy shown by the club throughout the season- the distance between the title holders and second place was in the double-digits- simply a crescendo towards the inevitable. Interestingly, the city of Naples had started decorating itself even before Napoli secured the win- but they didn’t experience any bad juju- for their team did manage to win both the league title, as well as the lost respect. 

Napoli’s Seria A Title Would Definitely Be Dedicated To Maradona

It is therefore quite fitting that the Seria A holders decided to decorate their piazzas with murals and shrines to the man who had previously led to their only two Scudetti in the late 1980s- Diego Maradona. When Napoli won their title-deciding match against Udine, it was Victor Osimhen- the rising star from Africa- who slotted in his 22nd league goal- which led to massive cheers from the visiting fans who crashed the pitch. Around 500 miles away, the people from Napoli erupted in joy at the Stadio Diego Maradona where they lit flares and celebrated heavily- watching the match on their big screens. It is expected that the festivities won’t stop for quite some time now. 

One can trace this Seria A victory by Napoli to two broad strands- ingenuity and passion. When it comes to this city, one will definitely feel the passion the people have for the game. This is one such city where the sport cuts across ethnicities, socioeconomic classes, and neighborhoods. Football is similar to faith for them- and they adhere to it at all times.