The NFL Mock Draft 2024: The Earliest Predictions For The First Round

NFL Mock Draft NFL Draft 2023 NFL

It is never too early to make a prediction for the NFL Mock Draft for next season, even if 2023’s best prospects are yet to even play one match in the NFL. However, here are a few projections for how next season’s draft can go (that will most probably be incorrect because of the time).

Who Can Be The Rising Superstar Of The NFL Mock Draft 2024

Once more, this NFL Mock Draft for 2024 is far too early. At present, Missouri saw the top 4 spots include 3 quarterbacks. As such, next April may well be the season of QBs once more. At present, Caleb Williams is the headliner for the 2024 NFL Mock Draft. He is the USC’s winner of the Heisman Trophy.

Arizona Cardinals might get the first two picks for the 2024 NFL Mock Draft. Of course, that would mean their season went pretty wrong, to say the least. As such, a fresh QB might be on the cards for the fresh regime. Even then, the present contract of Kyler Murray will mean that moving him will be quite difficult next season. As such, it is more likely that some other team that needs a QB will move up the draft.

For the Bucs, Caleb Williams might be the long-term answer to the short-termed Kyle Trask and Baker Mayfield. Caleb has shown everything needed to be called exceptional, including a good throwing arm as well as an ability to produce opportunities in the midst of dire situations. For the 2024 NFL Mock Draft, an upward movement from the 5th spot is definitely looking to be worth it for Williams. For the Cardinals, should Murray remain the choice, then bringing in Marvin Harrison, an exceptional receiver, to pair with him.