Nate Bargatze: Who Is He? A Fantastic Live Saturday Night Host

Nate Bargatze

Christopher Walken saved Saturday Night Live’s latest frigid opening, akin to a zombie prince formed of enigmatic romance and smoke. The program began with a rather funny introduction, with Mikey Day acting as President Biden in a clever casting choice. The ideal nice sociopath to portray Mike Johnson, the next Speaker, is Michael Longfellow. However, Walken’s appearance at the Oval Office doorway was what really gave the cold an injection of fresh blood. 

Nate Bargatze: The Clean Comic From Nashville

It was said last week how this season has been filled with unexpected appearances, and Walken, who was making his debut on Saturday Night Live in 2008, had been a great find. He presented himself as the Halloween spirit, sometimes referred to as Papa Pumpkin, to a confused Biden. This Halloween, it was quite a surprise to see Walken nearly cry as he delivered the classic saying “Trick or treat, smell my feet” coupled with the very same seriousness as Judi Dencht delivering a Shakespearean monologue. However, on the evening he was able to present the musical celebs, none other than Foo Fighters!

This week’s host was Nate Bargatze, well-known as the clean comic from Tennessee. That designation seems overly simplistic, undermining the reason that, not very long ago, attracted close to 20,000 people to see him play in a Nashville stadium. Nate Bargatze speaks in a plain, laconic manner; he seems more bemused than upset by his observations. Imagine Seinfeld without the heightened anxiety. Nate Bargatze said at the start of his monologue that, at the age of 44, he feels as though the globe is passing him by. Consider hotel baths, which now only provide a half-wall of glass for covering. “Water ends up on the floor,” said he, accepting his destiny. That’s what lies ahead. That’s their desire.