Mike Pence Halts His Presidential Campaign

Mike Pence
Mike Pence

Due to declining polling and financial difficulties, former VP Mike Pence recently halted his presidential campaign. He has promised to assist in the future election of “Republican leaders.” “I have chosen, after much thought and consideration, to halt my presidential candidacy as of right now.” Pence declared on Saturday at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s annual meeting in LV.

According to a source who spoke to CNN, Pence’s campaign was extremely concerned that he wouldn’t make it to the third round of debate next month. According to a Republican advisor close to Pence’s campaign, this worry was a major motivator for his choice, and this week’s multiple days spent in fundraising did very little to ease it. “The number of donors was simply insufficient,” the Republican advisor stated.

Mike Pence Refocuses On The Conservative Values That Ronald Raegan Helped Establish

After the humiliating manner in which the Trump-Pence presidency ended, Pence believes he has formed his reputation on his terms as he leaves the race, according to the source. “Let me assure you that even though I’m ending my campaign, I won’t give up on the battle for conservative principles and the election of morally upright Republicans to every national position. So assist me, God, please,” Mike Pence exclaimed on Saturday.

Advisors held a tight rein on the decision of suspension, some sources told the media. The declaration that is to be made on stage, is something that many organizers needed to be made aware of. Mike Pence ran on a straightforward platform: he distanced himself from his former employer, Donald Trump, in response to the 6th January 2021, assault on the US Capitol, and he refocused on the conservative values that Ronald Reagan, the party’s political guiding light, helped to establish. Mike Pence brought up that concept often during the campaign, from speeches pleading with his party to reject populism to posters that pointed pointedly to Reagan’s 1984 campaign.