No 4th Stimulus Check For Social Security Recipients

stimulus check

Multiple headlines on websites, videos, and social media across the internet have been reportedly touting misinformation regarding an alleged 4th stimulus check. The headlines claim that the older population of the USA or people who live with disabilities will be the target of this payment. However, we are verifying that no such round of stimulus checks has been approved, for anyone in the country.

The Hoax Of Another Stimulus Check

Anthony Burke, a spokesperson for the Internal Revenue Service said that the body has already sent out every possible Economic Impact Payment (the official name of a stimulus check). Burke used the official term to refer to the 3 rounds of stimulus payments issued and sent out by the federal government. Over 160 million taxpayers in the country received them. It was a component of the Congress’ many measures to send relief during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021.

However, according to the IRS, those who have missed out on a stimulus check, or think they have not received as much as they should have, are still free to apply for this money. To do so, they will have to claim it via the Recovery Rebate Credit. Burke explains that citizens should visit the official website of the IRS to get the most definite information on the matter.

It has been almost 3 years since the final 3rd payment was sent by the federal government. Now, there are new claims surfacing about there being a fresh round. The rise of these new hoax claims’ can be attributed to the rise of generative AI (artificial intelligence). NewsGuard’s foreign and AI influence editor, McKenzie Sadeghi, said that AI’s rise increasing expertise in generating content has a direct influence on the rising number of hoax claims.