No Surety When Caris LeVert Will Come Back Because Of Kidney Problem

Caris LeVert
Caris LeVert

Small mass found in the left kidney is keeping Caris LeVert out from action indefinitely as told by his team on Saturday.

When a physical test was going on for finalizing the deal to take LeVert, the mass was found.

Caris LeVert released a statement thanking the Indiana Pacers for the support. LeVert also said that he was eager to join the team very soon.

Pritchard Is Confident About Caris LeVert’s Recovery

Kevin Pritchard who is president of operations related to basketball told that the Indiana Pacers team was very much confident of Caris LeVert’s comeback.

He also said that when the team came to know about the matter they started to assist Caris immediately. He then added that they granted the trade on the feedback given by medical personnel.

Pritchard said that they thought Caris would not be fit then but in the near future he can support the team. He added that modern medicine gave them confidence.

After revising the trade, Pacers got $2.6 million from Brooklyn.

When Pacers were practicing in Los Angeles the news got official. Nate Bjorkgren who is the coach of Pacers told that LeVert was not near the team but he said that he is eager to work with the coach.

The coach also added that he knows Caris LeVert very well and in the last year LeVert was a tough player to play against. The coach also praised him that he had seen a lot of him and also coached teams who played as his opponent. He said he is thrilled to coach him.

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