Details On AAPL Stock After Issuing A Price Objective Of $115


Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) has received a price objective of $115 by the analysts of UBS Group. At present, the brokerage has a rating of ‘neutral’ for Apple stock, indicating a potential 6.58% upside from the present price.

On Monday, Apple started from $123 with the market cap being $2.09T. The lowest in 52 weeks is $53.15 while the highest is $137.98. Their current, quick, and debt-to-equity quotient are 1.36, 1.33, and 1.51. The 50-day rolling average stands at $117.41 while the 200-day is at $107.45.

According to the 3rd November report, the company had quarterly EPS earnings of $0.73, surpassing the $0.70 consensus estimate by almost $0.03. Their net margin was 20.91% with the return equity being 75.15%. Their revenue was $64.70B that surpassed the $63.33B estimate.

AAPL Stock Transactions

Goldman Sachs reassigned a rating of ‘sell’ with the price objective being $75 for AAPL stock. Citigroup raised the price objective to $125 from $112 and gave a rating of ‘buy’. Piper Sandler promoted it to $135 from $130 and upped the rating to ‘overweight’. Credit Suisse issued it $106 with a rating of ‘neutral’. Cowen demoted it to $133 and assigned a rating of ‘outperform’. Apple stock has the consensus ‘buy’ recommendation with a $114.05 price objective.

Katherine Adams, SVP, sold off 17,000 AAPL shares at $110.42 EPS worth $1,877,140. Jeffrey Williams, COO, sold off 257,343 AAPL shares at $113.59 worth $29,231,591.37. Insiders own 0.05% Apple stock.

Stonebridge Management increased the holdings on Apple stock by approximately 358.3%, owning $18,040,000 worth of shares. S&CO Inc bought a new stake and now owns $47,263,000 worth of shares. Dimension Management lifted their holdings by almost 190.3%, owning shares priced at $3,847,000. Nvwm LLC increased its position by about 321.8%, owning $8,109,000 worth of shares. ADV increased its holdings by 265%, owning $202,896,000 worth of shares. 59.65% of the stock is owned by hedge funds and institutional investors.