Kristen Clarke Explains Her Record At The Confirmation Hearing

kristen clarke

Kristen Clarke, the nominee of President Joe Biden, defended the record of her own in contradiction to some senators who appeared to be skeptical during the confirmation hearing of the candidate that was held on Wednesday. The nominee of the President is to be the leader of the department of the division of civil rights under the Justice Department. 

Kristen Clarke’s History At Harvard

As per the supporters, it is very urgent for Kristen Clarke to take her office. And then begin to lead the federal prosecutor team. The reason for this is unconstitutional acts that were going on in the country include the killing of innocent people of color by the police. In case the candidate of President Joe Biden gets confirmed, then she will be the first woman from the community of Black to become a leader of the division. The inception of the division took place in the year 1957. 

The hearing of the Judiciary committee entertained questions that dated back to the days of Kristen Clarke when she was a student of Harvard University. It basically covered some controversial moments from those days. The nominee of President Biden had been the co-author of one of the articles that were about the comparison of the Blacks and Whites’ genetics. She had also invited an author who was anti-Semitic when she led the association of the Black Students of Harvard. 

Kristen Clarke made the confrontation of the two situations that took place over 25 years ago. She apologized for providing a platform to the author. She also explained the fact that those views were not shared by her. However, the nominee had a meeting with some organizations of the Jewish community following the denouncement of her nomination by the outlets of the right-wing. There, she reiterated the fact that she committed some mistakes before.