Kevin Brady, The Republican Representative of Texas, Announces Retirement News

Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady

Kevin Brady, the Representative of the state of Texas from the Republican party made the announcement of his retirement. He is one of the long-serving lawmakers and a top Republican candidate from the committee of “Ways and Means.” The retirement announcement came in this Wednesday.

Kevin Brady’s Political Background

Kevin Brady gave out the news over the social media platform, Facebook. The Representative had attended an online conference of “The Woodlands Area Chamber of Commerce Economic Outlook.” He stated that the platform was the perfect place to make the grand announcement because he had served in the chamber for several years. The 66-year-old Republican stated that the current term, which was the 13th, would be his last one. The Republican Representative concluded his announcement by stating his main motive behind joining politics. And that was to work towards representation and the freedom of economy of the people of his constituency. He stated that he hopes that he worked on it.

Kevin Brady got elected to the US Congress in the year 1996. He represents the 8th District of the “Lone Star State.” The Representative is the 8th such lawmaker of the House to make the announcement of not going for re-election. It includes the other five members of the Republican party from the House.

Representative Kevin Brady served in the House of Representatives of the state of Texas for a total of six years. This was before he joined the US Congress. He had also been an executive of the Commerce Chamber for a total of 18 years. Brady replaced Paul Ryan, the Representative, as the Ways and Means Committee chairman in the year 2015. This took place when he served as the speaker of the House and was quite effective in the bill of the tax cut in 2017.