NYSE:F Has Been Given A Price Target Of $15


The stocks of NYSE:F have been given a rating of outperform after a previous rating of peer perform in a Thursday research report. Currently, the price target on the company is $15 which is an increase from the previous sum of $13. The price target set by Wolfe Research implies an annual increase of 27.88% from the previous close of the company. 

The Stock Commentary Of NYSE:F

There have been quite a few research equities that have commented on the stocks of NYSE:F. Argus has already increased the rating of the company from hold to buy with a price target set at $14 in a 9th February research report. Jefferies Financial Group has also increased the price target of the company from $14 to $16 with a rating of buy in a 29th March research report.

Wells Fargo & Company has also given the company a rating of overweight with a price target of $15 on the company. Barclays has also increased the rating of the company from equal weight to overweight with a price target that has increased from $9 to $16 in a 25th March research report.

Two of the investment analysts have already provided the stocks of the company with a rating of sell, while eight others have given the company a rating of hold. Currently, NYSE:F has a hold rating with an $11.29 price target. 

NYSE:F traded on Thursday at $11.73. The year low of the company is $4.52, with a year high of $13.62. The moving average price of the company over 50 days is $12.47, with the moving average price over 200 days set at $10.12. The company enjoys a 1.09 quick ratio, with a 1.20 current ratio, along with a 3.20 debt-to-equity ratio. The market cap of the firm is $46.67 billion, with a -293.25 PE ratio, along with a 1.27 beta. 


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