NYSE:MA Has Sold Close To 1,374 Shares


The insider from Michael Fraccaro has sold around 1,374 shares of the stock of the business in a 5th April transaction. The average price of the stock has an average price of $370, with a total value of around $503,380. The Insider now has ownership of over 7,640 shares in the stocks of the company, which are valued at a rate of $2,826,800. The transaction has been stored in a legal filing with the SEC, which can be accessed from their original website.

The Quarterly Estimate of NYSE:MA

The stocks of NYSE:MA traded on Tuesday at $1.25. The debt-to-equity ratio of the company is 2.15, around a 1.85 quick ratio, along with a 1.85 current ratio. The market cap of the firm is $367.12 billion, with a 55.27 PE ratio, along with a 2.56 PEG ratio, and a 1.19 beta. The moving average price of the company over 50 days is $359.86, with a moving average price of the company over 200 days is $340.22. The year low of the company is $244.10, with a year high of $389.50. 

The stocks of NYSE:MA did produce their quarterly data on the 28th of January. The provider of credit services reported an EPS of $1.64 for the quarter, which was more than the consensus estimate of $1.51. The revenue for the quarter was $4.12 billion, which was more than the consensus estimate of $4.01 billion. The return on equity for the company was 114.80%, with a 43.13% net margin. 

Four of the investment analysts have already provided the stocks of NYSE:MA with a rating of hold, while twenty-seven of them did give a rating of buy to the company’s stocks. The company has a buy rating with a $367.26 price target. 

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