Olivia Munn Opens Up About Pregnancy And The Pressure To Be Perfect

Olivia Munn
Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn is going public with the pressure of being in the limelight as she goes through her pregnancy. While she is impatient to welcome the baby into the world, she confessed that being in the spotlight during pregnancy has taken a mental toll on her.

Olivia Munn described that she heard her friends complain about not being good enough as a mother. She explained that it was hard enough as it is harboring the feeling that you are adequate without the added pressure of measuring up to the expectation of society.

It matters little that you have progressed, grown, and changed because if society wants to push you down, they do it anyway. The brunette Olivia Munn was open about how she still cringes every time she thinks about her past. It still makes her cringe about the thoughts.

The star of Predator speaks about pregnant women who come on the internet and manage to stay skinny and nicely dressed. She remembers the period when she was pregnant. 

Chatting With Her Friends Helped Olivia Munn During Her Pregnancy

Olivia Munn managed to stay afloat by chatting with her friends. Especially those who had the best dress sense so that she could get an idea of what to put on during her maternity period.

Olivia Munn says that she had initial doubts about the skills needed for a mother. She struggled with modern styles of maternity clothing. But she felt that she wasn’t looking as cool, chic, and effortless as she wanted to.

She began to have her doubts when people commented that she looked too big on television. This caused her to cut down on her eating, which wasn’t the right thing to do.

Even as she struck a brave front, Olivia Munn struggled to adjust to the exacting standards that society seemed to be imposing upon her. There was a monumental change occurring in her body and also her life. And she was unjustly having to cope with the constant barrage of negativity on the internet. It left doubts in the mind as to what truly constitutes perfection.