4 Virginia Prison Inmates Escape


Four convicts were discovered missing on Saturday morning at a federal minimum-security prison in Hopewell, Virginia.

The convicts, Kareem Allen Shaw (46), Tavares Lajuane Graham (44) Lamonte Rashawn Willis (30), and Corey Branch (41), were discovered missing from the Federal Correctional Complex Petersburg’s Virginia satellite camp at roughly 1:45 a.m., according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons. At around 1:45 a.m. Saturday, inmates Lamonte Rashawn Willis, Tavares Lajuane Graham, Corey Branch, and Kareem Allen Shaw were reported gone from the Federal Correctional Complex Petersburg’s Virginia satellite camp, according to the agency.

4 Inmates Escape A Low-Security Virginia Prison

The event was reported to the US Marshals Service, the FBI, and other law enforcement organizations. According to a news release from the Bureau of Prisons, an internal inquiry has been initiated.

NPR inquired about how the four guys escaped and if they did it collectively, and the bureau did not immediately comment. Branch was sentenced to 160 months in prison for criminal possession of a handgun and procurement of fentanyl with the aim of selling.

Graham was sentenced to 120 months in prison for possessing 500 grams or more of cocaine and 28 grams or more of cocaine base with the intent to distribute. According to the agency, he was also punished for possessing a handgun in furtherance of a narcotics trafficking offense. Willis was doing a 216-month term for having and hiding a stolen handgun, as well as having a firearm in his possession as a convicted felon.

Shaw was condemned to 194 months in prison for conspiring to possess a quantifiable amount of heroin with the intent to supply it.

According to the Bureau of Prisons website, the low-level jail accommodates 675 detainees, including 185 from the satellite camp.