Only Fans Opts Out Of Pornography

Only Fans
Only Fans

Only Fans has decided to opt-out of the pornography business. It is an online platform based in London. The application specializes in displaying content that is uploaded by various creators. For the viewers to watch the content, one had to make a subscription. The money earned from the subscriptions was generated as revenue for the company. The platform also has a large array of sexually explicit content. Adult content is one of the main attractions of the online-based application. However, things seem to be changing soon. The authority has decided to ban their sexual content. According to verified reports, the platform will implement its new rule from October. 

Only Fans Restricts Sexual Content

The social platform gained huge momentum during the lockdown phase. At a time when the world stood still, people were desperate to earn a living. People were also hit by boredom and everybody craved entertainment. The platform of Only Fans served the exact purpose. During the pandemic situation, people from different fields made a handsome earning on the platform. It included musicians, influencers & sex workers. They allowed exclusive content for the fans. Subscription money was charged to access the content. The content included pictures, videos, and other stuff. 

A recent change in the policy of the application has taken place. Authorities will not be permitting creators to post sexual content anymore. A recent report has confirmed that sexually explicit content would be banned from their platform. The change of policy is likely to come into effect from October. 

Only Fans faced a lot of criticisms for allowing sexual content on their platform. The company is determined to keep up the good work. To sustain in the market for a long time, a change of policy is required. The new revelations had disappointed many creators. Especially the sex workers. Only Fans, however, assured to elaborate on the guidelines later. The platform is valued at $1b and has 130million users. 

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