Child Tax Credit Of $10,000 Will Arrive Within Days

Child Tax Credit
Child Tax Credit

The US federal government has made no announcement to provide the fourth stimulus check. On the other hand, the citizens are struggling to cope with the financial crisis left behind by the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, inflation has led to high living costs. As a result, several states are now coming forward to offer additional relief payments. In order to help the citizens, eligible Americans will be receiving child tax credits. 

Americans To Get The Child Tax Credit 

Families who will qualify for the child tax credit will have to complete filing taxes by the 15th of November. Once their applications are completed they will be eligible to get a whopping amount of $10,000. However, it must be noted that this child tax credit will be given to families who have minimal or no income at all. 

The earlier CTC that was provided was lesser in amount. Furthermore, the US government has also made the official announcement that eligible families will be receiving almost $3,600 for every child below the age of 6. Parents who have children aged between 6 and 18 are eligible to get $3,000. On the other hand, this amount was $2,000 previously. 

Details And Deadline For CTC 

The child tax credit is being provided to help families manage the economic issues that are being faced by citizens who lack adequate money for filing federal taxes. The amount earlier for individuals was $12,550 while for couples below 65 years of age was $25,100. Now, this amount is $27,800 for couples. 

Eligible families can apply for CTC through which has made it very easy. The last date is 15th November and the applicants must apply within that date without fail. Families that have many children but failed to collect their 3rd stimulus money can receive $1,000 immediately.