Oscar Pistorius Up For Parole

Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius will walk out of jail after 11 years. The former Paralympic gold medalist, who murdered Reeva Steenkamp, his girlfriend, by shooting her several times, has been granted parole. Oscar Pistorius claimed in court that he took her for an intruder at their home in Pretoria and shot her through a bathroom door in 2013. A court in South Africa sentenced Oscar Pistorius to more than 13 years in jail.

But the parole officer has set the release of the 37-year-old former athlete for the first week of January next year. After his release, Oscar Pistorius will continue to be closely supervised by the law enforcement authorities until the end of his original sentence.

The correctional department of South Africa informed that he was being treated just like other parolees. Pistorius has to notify his parole officer for things like moving house or going to work during the interim period.

Oscar Pistorius Will Continue To Be Under Parole Observation Till His Sentence Passes

The former Olympian will also be attending therapy sessions; the family spokesperson has revealed. Pistorius’s departed girlfriend, Reeva’s mother June Steenkamp read out a letter stating that while she was not opposed to the release, she wondered if his anger issues had been dealt with while he was in prison.

Ms. Steenkamp said she was disturbed regarding the security of other women who may interact with him. She said that she could not summon the courage to appear at the hearing as it would have entailed coming face-to-face with Oscar Pistorius.

Reeva’s father died this year and Ms. Steenkamp felt that the stress on her would have been immense. She said that while Oscar Pistorius has never shown regret or repentance, she had forgiven him long back as she would not have survived if she continued to harbor anger for so long. This is the 2nd parole hearing for Oscar Pistorius. The earlier one in March was stopped because he had not served the minimum sentence.