Patrick Mahomes’ girlfriend Brittany Matthews says she was harassed by Pats fans at Gillette Stadium

Patrick Mahomes’ Lady Brittany Matthews made the trip to Gillette Stadium to See the Kansas City Chiefs take about the New England Patriots. But the trip was not all positive.

Matthews took to societal websites throughout the afternoon to describe what she and Mahomes’ brother Jackson went through as they had been cheering on the best from the west in Foxboro.

She said fans recognized both and began harassing them.

On Twitter, she noted that the night began with Patriots fans saying,”Hey everybody this is Patrick Mahomes brother and girl, let us give them s–.”

Matthews added,”This ought to be entertaining,” with an eye roll emoji.

She then stated that folks were getting upset at her standing up, which she rightfully feels is not just acceptable at a soccer game, but is to be expected.

Calling the place”horrible,” she clarified the interactions of the evening before stating that she had been devoting security to the matter.

The security recognized the problem right away and Matthews said they transferred her and the ones she was with to a safer spot in the stadium, where legitimately fans were somewhat kinder. In her Instagram narrative, it appeared they were in a bundle at the end of the game.

She explained despite it all, there’s no way she was planning to stay away from the match.

The team fans were certainly frustrated in the group following a slow first half and suspicious calls, and even booed that the Patriots since they headed into halftime, but there’s never a necessity to take it out on opposing fans or opposing relatives.

If the teams meet again in the playoffs in January, ideally Matthews and Jackson are around more welcoming fans.