Billie Eilish’s Mother Tells her To Be Herself And Avoid Acting

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish revealed that she was told by her mom to be herself and avoid acting. The host of Saturday Night Live told in her opening monologue that Maggie Baird, 62, her mother, had to her to give up her dreams of being an actress.

Billie Eilish says that she devoted many years pretending to be someone she wasn’t. and she said that someone wise advised her to never, ever act. And the person was her mom.

The 7-times Grammy winner was there for the 2nd time on SNL. She had earlier appeared as a guest in 2019. Back then she had performed her super hit Bad Guy as she danced in a revolving box. To viewers, it seemed that Billie Eilish was imitating Fred Astaire dancing in the ceiling.

Billie Eilish Spoke With Disarming Candor About Her Personal Life

In her initial monologue at her 2nd appearance, she poked fun at her candy-cane, goofy dress. She joked that she was dressed as Mrs. Claus on the way to a club. She also mentioned that she was approaching 20, saying that she would now be what the internet called middle-aged.

She spoke about her brother, fellow musician Finneas O’Connell, and her parents, who were all actors. She said that she had dreams of acting, and that died when she was nine.

She mentions how her mother made a movie motivated by her own life. She cast Finneas as the son and just forgot to even mention her. Billie Eilish says she got the clue then and abandoned any hopes of pursuing an acting career.

She mentioned that the frightening part about being in the limelight is that people define you by what you say, look like, or do on stage. She said that was not fair.

She said that nobody wants to be adjudged by the way they carry themselves when they are 16. But it takes a while and a lot of effort to accept the real you. And that helps a person stay happy.

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