Paul Ryan Openly Warns His Republican Colleagues

Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan, the former House speaker, gave a speech that involved the members of the GOP and their future. He went on to give them a warning. The speech revolved around the issue of Donald Trump, the former president of the United States of America belonging to the Republican party. It was stated that the voters will start losing interest and faith in the party if they continue being loyal to Trump irrespective of everything. Paul Ryan stated the fact that the party was not in a very good position at the moment. The statement came out this Thursday. It was done at one of the libraries situated in Simi Valley in the state of California. 

Paul Ryan On What Voters Want

The former House of Representatives pointed out the fact that the party would no longer move in a positive direction if it got under the influence of “one personality.” He also explained that independent leaders were what the voters looked for. And that was not being catered by a majority of the members of the Republican party. It is to be noted that Paul Ryan stayed away from naming Donald Trump precisely. However, it is not a hidden fact that Trump has a major influence on the party. The Republican critic further added that the voters would not want to go for those who were spineless and “yes-men.” 

There are so many Republicans who have not hesitated to support him in public. One of them is Kevin McCarthy, the minority leader of the House. He is someone who lived with Trump for a long time at his resort in Florida. Kevin is also the successor of Paul Ryan as an important Republican of the House in the year 2018.  Paul Ryan has always been a critic of the former President. He did not hold back from expressing his disappointment over the ending of his presidency.

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