Stimulus Check Payaments In The Upcoming Year? What To Expect From The New Year

stimulus check

2022 is ending soon and a lot of American households are thinking if there are anymore stimulus check or tax rebate payments they can get in the upcoming year.  Well, as the rumors have it, there probably is some good news for the USA taxpayers. They might get some new financial aid from their state or federal government in the new year.

The Internal Revenue Service has put out a word of caution already about the probable absence of any inflationary relief checks or stimulus check payments from the national government in this year might affect its chances in the next. They have said that the refunds even if some will be reduced in amounts in 2023. As per the agency, taxpayers are not going to make avail of another stimulus check payment with the tax rebate in 2023 as they haven’t experienced enough impact on the economy in 2022.

Stimulus Check Payments Are Possible In 2023?

Even though there have still not been any reliable stories on another federal stimulus check payment, some states have provided these payments in the form of tax rebates in the next year.


As stated by the state’s FTB, the MCTR program has helped more than 25 mn Californians. The initiative approved direct stimulus check payments of approx $1,050 previously this year to assist people in adjusting to inflation.


Just like the Golden State, Colorado gov. has also sent out stimulus check payments for the taxpayers of the state this year. These payments are going to range from seven-fifty to fifteen hundred dollars based on the marital status of an individual or a joint taxpayer.


Full-time citizens of the state who paid taxes in the last two fiscal years are qualified and will receive a refund equal to 10% of the income tax paid on their 2020 earnings, up to a maximum of three-hundred dollars. A minimum of $600 will be given to joint filers.