Pelosi Expected To Visit Taiwan As Per Taiwanese And US Officials


According to a top Taiwanese government source and US government officials, US Representative Nancy Pelosi is scheduled to travel to Taiwan on one of her Asian trips, despite concerns from Biden federal authorities who are concerned about China’s reaction to such an elevated visit.

The Taiwanese official noted that she is anticipated to spend the night in Taiwan. When precisely Pelosi will arrive in Taipei is unknown.

The US government officials also stated that personnel from the Defense Department continuously observe any Chinese moves in the area and formulate a strategy to protect her.

The first destination of Pelosi’s Asia visit was Singapore, where she would meet with top officials like the president and the prime minister. Pelosi landed in Singapore on Monday.

Pelosi, along with a house of representatives, landed in Malaysia on Tuesday, according to the nation’s official news outlet Bernama, and meetings with the PM and speaker of the parliament were planned.

Pelosi’s Taiwan Visit Confirmed By Officials Of Both Country 

Although Japan and South Korea are on the delegation’s itinerary, a trip to Taiwan has not been mentioned officially.

China has issued warnings against the “outrageous political implications” of Pelosi’s pre-planned visit to that autonomous island that it claims as part of the country during a routine foreign ministry briefing on Monday. It also reaffirmed that one’s military would not sit idle if China feels that its territorial sovereignty and integrity” are being threatened.

Despite the omission of the Chinese military from Taiwan, The eastern theatre command commented that it might bury any invading enemies in a video posted on Monday. This video solely showed off the Chinese fighting tactics and weaponry. He added that they are on standby and always ready for any fighting commands.