Pelosi: ‘Really unfortunate’ that protesters are pushing back against coronavirus restrictions

coronavirus restrictions
coronavirus restrictions

Speaker Nancy Pelosi criticized demonstrators who came out in the streets protesting against the shutdown put in place by the government. 

While speaking with “Fox News Sunday”, she raised concerns over people defying the curfew adding that the only way to prevent more COVID-19 related deaths is to maintain physical distancing. 

Pelosi spoke out after protestors from Maryland, Michigan, Virginia, and Texas voiced their concerns over the lockdown’s impact on the economy. The lockdown caused the closure of many of the local businesses. 

Protest in Texas was organized by Infowars, Alex Jones’ site which is infamous for spreading conspiracy theories. 

President Trump’s apparent support on Twitter for the planned protests is being seen as one of the reasons the protestors gathered on the streets defying their state governors’ orders.

Even as some people gather to protest, the Pew Research Center survey reveals concerns over lack of enough testing and premature lifting of curfew rise. 

The US is one of the hardest-hit countries, with over 735,000 positive coronavirus cases and about 39,000 COVID-19 related deaths.