Pink Is Recovering From Her Hip Surgery


Pink wants to thank the world after undergoing hip surgery in Colorado.

She was all smiling on Wednesday and posted a photo of herself with a yoga mat, weights, and a small trampoline at the back. She wrote about how she was learning the gift of accepting help from others and also detailed the brutal healing process.

She gave a shoutout to the doctors and nurses at the Steadman Clinic in Vail and stated, “This is what 9 hours of sleep and cuddles from my kiddos look like 7 days post hip surgery!!” 

Pink Got To Visit The Best Doctors In The Country

Pink is married to an athlete and got to meet some of the top doctors. Her first week was extremely brutal as she was full of tears and had ulcers from the strong medicines. She was having fevers constantly but her husband, Cary Hart, helped her out.

Pink added that this challenge ended up being a blessing as it brought her a new perspective on life. It also taught her that it was “okay” to ask for help.

She stated that life reminded us that most setbacks were just pauses and opportunities to recalibrate and count our blessings.

Pink’s message was welcomed by all of her followers who wished her complete and wonderful healing.

While it’s unclear why the singer underwent surgery in the first place, it’s one of several operations that her family has had to deal with in recent months.

In August, Hart revealed he had shoulder surgery on his rotator cuff. Then in September, he had yet another surgery to get a disc replaced in his lower spine.