Pokémon Go players caught nearly a billion pokémon at this year’s online-only fest

It has been a good while for the Pokemon lovers amidst the critical time this year has brought. The year’s online-only Pokemon Go Fest proved to be the biggest fest with participants of an overwhelming number of Pokemon lovers.

People participated over the weekend, from around 124 nations all around the world, catching almost a billion pokemon.

Reports say the Pokemon fanatics walked about for no less a distance than Fifteen kilometers on average, to catch these creatures on their way.

Organized by Ninatics, the event’s special feature was the pokemon Victini, who had been never made available before now. New pokemon were made to appear outside their natural habitats, the fest finally ending with the players battling Team Rocket.

Each ticket cost around $14.99 and the amount generated from the total sales would be used in helping projects of Black AR creators and in building the local communities.It must be noted that Pokemon Go is one of the most popular games amongst the gaming fanatics. It is a mobile AR game developed in recent years, 2016 precisely, by Niantic and The Pokemon Company. It uses GPS to find, capture and even train the creatures.

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