Joe Biden Stumbles On Air Force One But Reported Doing Okay

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The supporters and well-wishers of President Joe Biden had been rejoicing that he did not make one wrong footing so far during his 2 months in office.

However, the narrative has dramatically changed as of 19th March, Friday when Joe Biden was captured stumbling down the steps of Air Force One, the presidential aircraft, three times. Nonetheless, a spokesperson of the White House has informed that Joe Biden is in good health and blamed the windy weather for his repeated stumbling.

Triple Stumbling By Joe Biden

This triple stumble on Friday by President Biden took place while he was leaving Maryland from the Joint-Base Andrews to go to Atlanta. When he reached halfway up those red carpet stairs of his aircraft, Biden was seen making wrong-footing which resulted in him stumbling up the stairs multiple times. In the end, he was tightly gripping the railing with the right hand while he fell on the left knee.

Following that, Biden successfully managed to pick himself up and gave a rub to the left knee before ascending the remaining stairs and flew off from White House towards the airport.

Karine Jean Pierre, White House deputy press secretary, remarked that it was a windy day that even led to her falling down the stairs. However, there is nothing to be worried about as the President is doing completely fine.

Donald Trump, former President of the US, took this opportunity to make a sarcastic tweet against Biden by trying to draw the attention of the people towards the fact that the President is so weak that he easily got misbalanced by the winds.

Although many others paid no attention to this stumble and stated that Biden is doing great in rolling out the COVID-19 vaccine across the nation.