Portland protesters, Wall of Moms sue Trump administration over use of tear gas, rubber bullets

A bunch of protestors from Portland are on the warpath against the President of the United States- considering his decision to send in federal troops to be unconstitutional, and in complete violation of their rights. They also believe that the powers to opt for such a decision couldn’t be upheld by someone who has not yet been confirmed in that role.

Protect Democracy is the nonprofit that decide to file the lawsuit against President Trump. The lawsuit was filed in Washington D.C. with several individual protestors and several groups unfurling within its umbrella. The lawsuit speaks about how a series of peaceful protests went haywire when the federal troops decided to shoot rubber bullets and other such non-lethal means of subversion.

The lawsuit also speaks about how the federal troops have gone beyond the duties asked of them- they were sent here to protect federal buildings from destruction. In turn, they decided to make unlawful arrests, used excessive force, and completely violated the spirit of free speech.

Recently, the conflicts between the protestors and the federal troops have been increasing, with the focal point being the federal courthouse.


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