DeSean Jackson Teams Up with The Rams

DeSean Jackson
DeSean Jackson

DeSean Jackson, the American football wide-receiver, is now a member of the team, the Los Angeles Rams. The deal was sealed this Sunday. The player will be a perfect fit as a wide-receiver for the offensive side that will be featured by Matthew Stafford, the quarterback. This will be for the next season.

DeSean Jackson’s Addition According To The Ram’s Officials

Sean McVay, the coach of Rams gave a statement with regard to the finding of the wideout in order to cause the field to stretch for Stafford. The coach stated that they were always on advent to add something fresh. He also added that he will be observing things for the coming month.

The manager of the team, Les Snead, also gave a statement following a similar matter, following the deal with DeSean Jackson. It was stated that in the domain of the NFL, everybody from the offensive side prefers deep threat. It was also added that those people do not have to be the ones who can catch one such ball in one game. However, he added that when there are players in the team with real talent then that would undoubtedly cause a threat to the coverage’s top-shelf. 

DeSean Jackson has been a Pro Bowl for a total of three times. The player is credited to have created a history in the world of the NFL. He did it by recording the 60-plus-yard-touchdowns which is the greatest number of touchdowns ever made by any player. He is making his way into his 13th season of the NFL. The 34-year-old De SeanJackson became one of the free agents after he got released by the team, the Philadelphia Eagles. This took place in the month of February.

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