JB Pritzker Is Frustrated With New Hospitalization Record In Illinois

JB Pritzker

Presently, the amount of Covid patients that have been admitted in Illinois is the highest they have ever recorded. 

The data released by the new Illinois Public Health Department on Monday showed that 6294 patients were diagnosed and treated for Covid-19. The number of patients increased by 605 in four days, according to IDPH statewide figures. 

JB Pritzker Talks About Covid-19 Situation In Illinois 

A press conference held on Monday had Governor JB Pritzker talk about the covid situation in Illinois. He said that the new records were tragic and frustrating. 

JB Pritzker urged the residents to be cautious and follow Covid-19 protocols. Even with two years of experience with the pandemic and free vaccines being available, they are back in a horrible position. This frustrated the Governor. 

The Illinois Department of Public Health revealed that 1086 patients statewide are in the ICU. JB Pritzker announced that hospitalizations in the pediatric ward increased three folds in December. 

Last week, JB Pritzker requested hospitals to push back elective surgeries so that the limited staff could be channeled towards the rising number of Covid patients. 

Officials at Advocate Aurora have informed that they are decreasing procedures in proportion to the increasing covid patients. They have also transferred Covid infected patients to different hospitals to reduce the work pressure on their staff. 

Data at IDPH revealed on Monday that around 89,195 fresh cases were diagnosed statewide in just 4 days. Friday held the highest number of new cases with 31,461. Since the pandemic started IDPH had recorded 2,238,743 patients with covid. 

Illinois’ 7-day covid positivity rate is 12.8%. The rate was at an all-time high since Nov 2020. In December 1503 Illinois residents passed away. The number is three times higher than in November. 

Over the last 4 days, 136962 vaccine doses were administered statewide. In total, more than 19 million doses have been given. It includes the 3 million booster doses. The USFDA approved booster doses for children older than 11. CDC reported that 64% of 12.7M Illinois residents have been fully vaccinated.