Kay Ivey Expresses Her Firmness With Regard To The Coronavirus-Related Rules In Alabama

Kay Ivey
Kay Ivey

Kay Ivey, the Governor of Alabama, has been the centre of criticism during the time of the coronavirus pandemic. There was political pressure on her owing to her decision concerning the mask order. However, the governor from the republican party refused to follow the criticisms. Even at a time when the other state governors have rejected the mask mandates, she stays firm in her decision.

Kay Ivey Has No Doubt On Her Decisions

The reply given by Governor Kay Ivey when asked about her decision reflected how calculative she has been concerning the condition of her state. A question was stated to her to give views regarding the fact that she had been asked to do away with the mask mandate by important political figures of the state. Those were the lieutenant governor and senate of the state.

Republican Kay Ivey stated that all she was targeting was for the state of Alabama to have zero cases of coronavirus. She was working towards achieving the best safety conditions for the state. She further added that there might be an obvious reason behind the demands of the politicians concerning the mask mandate. And that can be ignorance of information related to the cases of coronavirus in the state.

The mask mandate had been ordered by the governor in the month of July. As per the announcements made this Thursday, the mandate would go on for another month. It would get over only after the 9th of April.

There was a news conference that was held this Thursday which was attended by the Alabama Governor. She gave a statement with regard to the coronavirus vaccine at the conference. She stated that any change in the rules of the state concerning the coronavirus would only be taken after the vaccines are properly distributed. She further stated that the state has yet to reach the decision, however, they were getting closer.

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