Putin Defensive After Wednesday’s Summit With Biden

Vladimir Putin
vladimir putin

Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, gave a statement on the summit that was held between him and Joe Biden, the President of the United States of America. It was held on the 16th of June that fell on a Wednesday. He stated that the summit had been a “constructive” one. It was also stated that both the countries agreed to return their respective ambassadors to Washington and Moscow.

Putin On Different Subjects

There was a press conference that was held following the conference on the same day. According to a translator, Vladimir Putin acknowledged the fact that the positions of the countries were not the same in several matters. However, both Russia and the US have decided to work on their respective parts in order to work on common grounds and develop a shared belief. There were different subjects involved that were discussed at Wednesday’s conference. They included cyber, Ukraine, Arms control, human rights, Navalny, etc.

On the matter of cyber, President Vladamir Putin stated that both the countries had agreed to openly communicate in order to solve the matter. The 68-year-old also claimed that the cyberattacks that the country was facing were mostly being done from America. On the subject of Ukraine, the Russian head of the did not offer any conclusions. Although he did blame the US for having the kind of a foreign policy that was “unpredictable.” This is often used to criticize Putin himself after the coup that took place in Ukraine in the year 2014.

When it comes to the subject of human rights, it was stated that Donald Trump, the ex-president of America, carried a “different view” of the subject. He further attacked the country for its poor human rights record referring to the gun violence and Guantanamo Bay.