Midterm Election Deliver A Stalemate: Will It Unleash Confusion Leading To The 2024 Presidential Elections?

Exit Poll Midterm Election

The midterms come after a couple of years of chaos and hysteria and are poised to result in a return to a stalemate. The midterm elections delivered one clear message; a rebuke to Trump in the overall return. But it is not a presidency-ending abandonment for him. Despite the midterm elections setback, he remains very much in contention to emerge as a strong contender.

Americans have a couple of years to decide which way they truly want to move. The most likely scenario emerging from the midterm elections is a divided government, in danger of being spiteful and discordant.

We have a situation where both parties in various ways seem content with their insufficient coalitions, and a nation that desperately needs a governing majority is in danger of settling once again for another four years of stalemate.

The GOP Seems To Have Given Up Their Chances Of Getting A Clear Majority After The Midterm Elections Thanks To Trump’s Chaotic Obsession

The Republicans are moving steadily towards the magic number of 218 seats that will give them the speaker’s gavel. It could be a signal that voters may have ended the generous spending agenda unleashed by Biden.

It has also paved the way for both Trump and Biden to move toward new campaigns that the nation would not deserve at this stage as the economy of the nation continues to totter and it would be years before it can recover from this stage.

The red wave predicted by the Republicans never materialized in the midterm elections. The wafer-thin advantage that the Republicans will hold will lead to volatility as a few legislators will hold on to disproportionate powers. This was faced by Biden when Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema took advantage of the split Senate to forward their agenda throughout the past two years. They blackmailed Biden into submission on key issues.

Already Senator Mitch McConnell’s likelihood of returning as the Senate Majority Leader has been doomed by the chaos promoted by Trump and his fixation with promoting candidates in his image.