Qatar World Cup: FIFA Asks The Teams To Focus On Football And Not To Involve In Any Political Battle

Qatar World Cup
Coronavirus And Football 2022 Qatar World Cup

In a statement to all countries participating in this year’s Qatar World Cup, Gianni Infantino, FIFA president and GS Fatma Samoura ask that “soccer not be pulled into every existing political or ideological dispute.”

Football has been dragged “into every political or ideological fight that existed,” according to a letter from FIFA to the teams in this year’s Qatar World Cup urging them to concentrate on the competition in Qatar rather than engage in moralizing or moralizing about other issues.

Gianni Infantino, the FIFA president, and Samoura, the general secretary of the organization, sent the statement in response to mounting demands for athletes to act as activists during the competition. Sky News has had exclusive access to the entire letter.

Concerns over the misery of low-paid migrant laborers constructing the facilities in the small Gulf nation and discrimination laws that criminalize same-sex relationships have haunted the World Cup build-up.

Qatar World Cup News: Things To Know:

The proposal by Britain, and 6 other European countries for their leaders to use “One Love” multicolored captain’s band at the Qatar World Cup in reaction to worries about Qatar’s anti-LGBTQ+ policies is not addressed in the statement. Both of the British countries have already declared that they will reject any FIFA suspension.

Infantino said that they at the biggest football governing body tries to respect everyone and everything. Every man’s opinion and beliefs matter a lot to them. He added that one of the biggest strengths of this world is its diversity, and having full respect towards that.

The Fifa president said that all can arrive at Qatar for the World Cup regardless of their background, origin, religion, gender and sexual orientation or nationality.

Less than 3 weeks remain till the men’s soccer championship competition kicks off in Qatar, thus the message was addressed to all of the participating nations.

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