Stimulus Check 2022: Indiana Residents Are The Latest To Receive EIPs

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

In order to help people who are waiting for their Automatic Taxpayer Refund and maybe a second Stimulus Check, Governor Eric Holcomb is pleading with Indiana lawmakers to act immediately.

The governor said that postal checks will not be sent to people who are expecting to be paid until August. The payouts, according to the governor, may total $350 for single taxpayers and $700 for married couples who filed jointly if the General Assembly proceeds quickly during its special session. Postal checks that were scheduled to be sent in July will now be delivered in August. According to Holcomb, the checks would be sent out in August “mainly because the necessary paper supply was delayed until then.”

Indiana Residents To Get Stimulus Checks 

Due to the delay, the checks that will be paid out next month will be bigger since they will contain both the $125 Automatic Taxpayer Refund payment and the additional $225 payment he recommended. This was a “gift in disguise,” he said.

Holcomb suggested returning an extra $1 billion to taxpayers to help fight inflation and the soaring cost of petrol. That would be equivalent to an additional payment of about $225 for a single taxpayer.

Many Hoosiers received their $125 Automatic Taxpayer Refund Stimulus Check by direct deposit, and many would do so again for the second installment. The governor’s plan has not yet been approved, but he is encouraging the General Assembly to “move quickly.” Although the legislature has already been called into a special session, MPs do not plan to gather until July 25. The General Assembly is expected to consider Holcomb’s relief plan and discuss additional abortion restrictions in the wake of the Roe v. Wade decision.

This Monday, Holcomb encouraged lawmakers in an opinion article to adopt his prior recommendation and return the Stimulus Checks to Indiana citizens. Calls to suspend Indiana’s gas tax have been rejected by the party in power, including Holcomb. The governor has emphasized vehemently that the tax relief package is the best course of action. However, he did not completely rule out the possibility of a “better plan,” should one materialize during the special session.