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Ever wondered how those beautiful websites are made? Are you interested in designing such amazing sites yourself? You’ve come to the right place if that’s the case. Creating such unique UIs and web designs requires the use of a powerful JS library known as React JS and to learn it you need the React JS certification. UIs of websites and web apps are designed and developed with the JavaScript library React JS. Websites can be enhanced by creating interactive elements using React JS. In JavaScript, users can design interactive forms, slide shows, animated graphics, and many other types of content that appear on their websites.  

React JS: Why Learn It? 

Web developers should use React for many reasons. Among them, the following are some of the more prominent ones:  

  • Huge Demand

Developers with React JS experience are in demand. Increasingly more startups and apps are using the React framework so the demand for React developers is on the rise. In addition to ranking highly in Google’s SERPs, Google considers UI when developing web pages. Various companies, including digital marketing firms, app development agencies, startups, and large companies; are looking for front-end developers who are knowledgeable about React’s features. You would be adding a highly sought-after skill to your skillset by learning this library.  

  • Attracts Great Pay 

Pay averages INR 7.35 lakhs per year for developers with React JS skillsets. Various tech roles can be landed by learning React. You can, for instance, become a front-end developer who manages both the client and server sides of a website. Front-end developers in India earn an average salary of INR 4.77 lakh per year. As you gain experience and expertise, your salary can rise to around 13 lakh per year. Depending on the experience of the developer, the salary for React developers may reach INR 17 lakh per year. As a result of a massive shortage of React developers, companies pay high salaries for these professionals. 

  • Saves Time and Money 

React is used a lot by development teams because it helps them save time and resources. JS libraries streamline your efficiency by simplifying repetitive coding. The React framework helps developers code the user interface of their applications. The same code lines can become quite tedious if the developers are not using React. Because React allows developers to do more with less, they save a lot of money and resources. 

  • Easy to Learn 

As a programming language and framework, React is relatively easy to learn compared to other libraries, programming languages, and frameworks. The basics of JavaScript are all that you need for learning in this library. You should, however, have some familiarity with JS before beginning. With only a few days of training, you will be able to build beautiful UIs.  


You will become a better developer whether you are a student or an experienced developer if you learn or get the React JS certification. UI developers benefit significantly from this skill since it is in demand. Once you learn how to create better user interfaces, you can create better web applications and projects. It would be better for you to get React JS certified now instead of later.