Recording Perfects Podcasts in New York City

New York City
New York City

Podcasts have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, with nearly 100 million Americans listening to a podcast every week in 2019. New York City, in fact, has been called the podcast capital of the USA, accounting for a large portion of the listeners. Even a number of NYC-based politicians have jumped aboard the podcast train, with Chirlane McCray recently starting her own podcast ‘Thrive with Chirlane McCray’ to help boost her campaigning efforts. There is a wide range of podcasts, such as ‘The Bowery Boys’ and ‘Radiolab’ that New Yorkers love to indulge in, and many new titles pop up regularly. While it may seem like a privilege reserved for celebs and tech giants, anyone can start a successful podcast by following a few basic guidelines.

Choose an interesting topic

Before you can even think about recording your podcast, you need to find a topic you are passionate about and give your content some consideration. The topic you ultimately settle on has to be one that you can talk about continuously in a natural manner. Keep a running list of topics and plan ahead for your shows. It is entirely up to you whether you stick to a central theme or cover a wide range of topics although finding a niche that will appeal to a New York audience can help boost your success. Regardless of how well-versed you are in your chosen topic and how good your memory is, think about drawing up a script for each podcast to help improve the flow and eliminate any awkward silences.

Make sure your sound quality is good

After the content, the sound quality is the most important component of your podcast, especially since you cannot rely on your good looks to draw an audience. In order to create an excellent listening experience, you need to have the right equipment and know how to use it. NYC is a vibrant city filled with a lot of ambient noises such as cars honking, ambulances wailing, people talking, bridges creaking, and various other thrums, rustles, and whistles.

If you are recording outdoors, you will have to ensure that the gear you use will help to eliminate these sounds enough to render a crisp and clear sound. Although there is a lot of gear you can invest in,start by focussing on the basics first which include a good microphone and recorder, portable field fixer, headphones, and something to eliminate wind noise with such as a deadcat. Remember that, while it may be a lot easier to achieve quality sound when recording indoors, having some typical New York sounds in the background can add to the appeal of your podcast.

Grow your audience

Once you have created your podcast and released it into the city, you need to start growing your audience. Podcasting in the Big Apple can be cut-throat and you will need to work hard to attract an audience and remain relevant amid the stiff competition. Having an established website linked to your website is a good way to promote your podcast. You can also benefit by continuously encouraging your listeners to provide feedback and participate in any live chats you may have. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can also help grow your audience considerably, especially if you tailor your presence to a local audience.

Podcasts have skyrocketed in popularity over the last decade and continue to grow in appeal every day. By following a set of basic guidelines, starting your own podcast can be easier than you have ever imagined.