Keegan-Michael Key Made His Debut As The SNL Host

Keegan-Michael Key
Keegan-Michael Key

Keegan-Michael Key, the well-known American comedian hosted the talk show, Saturday Night Live, for the first time ever. The episode of this weekend was led by the 50-year-old comedian. The musical guest of the episode too was a first-time guest of the sketch comedy show. It was Olivia Rodrigo, the American actress, and singer.

Keegan-Michael Key’s Monologue

Keegan-Michael Key expressed his excitement over the fact that he was hosting the show. In his opening speech, he stated that he always loved the show since he was a kid. He shared that spent his childhood days in the “8 Mile Road” locality of the Detroit city in the state of Michigan. And he always found a way to watch every episode of the show. The comedian stated that if somebody would’ve told him then that he would be hosting the show one day, he would not have listened to it. The reason for this was because he would be too occupied in stealing to listen to anyone. After this, Keegan-Michael Key went on to sing a song.

The host for this weekend also carried out a costume change which was hardly a change as he stood in the same outfit. Some members of the SNL cast also accompanied him while he made his opening “song.” They include Kenan Thompson, Pete Davidson, and Cecily Strong. Although the actor hosted the comedy show for the first time, he is not someone who is new to the world of sketch comedy. Keegan-Michael Key spent a total of six seasons on the American comedy series, MADtv. After that, the actor created the comedy show called Olivia Rodrigo, which was his own. The show with another comedian, Peele, ran from the year 2012 to 2015.