Donald Trump’s Unwelcoming Speech

Donald Trump

Donald Trump, the former President of the United States of America, faced criticism while he attended a crowd in the state of Alabama. The former President was there to encourage the people to take the coronavirus vaccines. But the people retaliated by booing at him. This incident took place on the 21st of August that fell on a Saturday. The former Republican President stated that he was not encroaching upon the personal lives of the people. And further added that he himself took the vaccines and it was “good.” 

Donald Trump Criticized

The people who booed Donald Trump were without any masks. Through his speech, he made sure to not say anything to offend the public on the subject of freedom. The southern part of the country is facing the rise in the cases of the Delta variant of coronavirus infections. The rally was held in the city of Cullman. As for now, Cullman is one of the places where the cases have gone up. The infection has reached its peak. A state of emergency with regard to the situation of coronavirus was declared in the city on Thursday. 

This is not the first time former President Donald Trump has endorsed the case of vaccines. He has done it a couple of times. And this is also not the first time he received negative reactions from the people while he spoke on the subject. In one of his interviews that took place the previous week, Donald Trump spoke in favor of the vaccines. However, he also spoke on the booster shots that were recommended by Joe Biden, the president of the country, as well as his administration. He spoke against the “Pfizer” vaccine company. It is to be noted that “Pfizer” was not involved when he was in power.